Khory Hancock

Khory Hancock

Khory Hancock is an accomplished environmental scientist with expertise in marine and terrestrial regenerative techniques. He has years of expertise leading and managing projects in numerous industries, making him suited to serve as a lead auditor. Hancock is renowned for being an entrepreneur, a leader in the environmental movement, and a storyteller in both writing and movies.

His childhood home, a 30,000-acre cattle ranch on the outskirts of Carnarvon Gorge National Park in Queensland, Australia, was where he first developed a strong bond with nature. Hancock developed a profound respect for the environment and how nature can heal due to growing up in this environmentally rich area. When it came time for him to pick a career, environmental science with a concentration on the environmental and carbon farming industries looked like the obvious choice.

Hancock graduated with environmental science and planning degrees from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

He began his career as an environmental advisor in Queensland and New South Wales mining resource industry. He soon began fusing the power of technology with his passion for regrowth when he managed cattle and sheep stations in western Queensland and New South Wales for carbon farming. For this project, software tools like ArcGIS, Trimble/GPS, and others had to be used to map the vegetation, communicate with farmers, and comprehend the principles of carbon farming.

Hancock has worked in regenerative and environmental practices for 12 years and has held executive positions at well-known businesses. He has developed a thorough understanding of safety, quality, and environmental management systems throughout this time, concentrating on the accrual of carbon reduction in land management and restorative practices, carbon farming, water and waste management, greenhouse gas reporting, and environmental data collection and reporting.

Over the years, Khory Hancock has held various positions and worked for numerous organizations. He has served as a consultant for environmental issues and carbon farming, and most recently, he served as the general manager of a business that develops carbon projects.

He has improved in related subjects as he has gotten better at his job in environmental science. These are a few teaching leadership and project management skills in transportation and infrastructure, construction, carbon farming, and other industries, as well as lead auditing.

Hancock belongs to several organizations for professionals, including the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia. He holds the titles of Land Restoration Fund/Carbon Farming Advisor, Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), and QLD Accredited Agricultural Advisor.

From 2013 to 2016, Hancock participated in the Southern Queensland Land Rehabilitation Group (SQLRG). The goal of this group is to promote and discuss the best methods for managing and restoring land. Hancock was chosen in 2015 to represent The Climate Reality Project in Australia, which Al Gore founded. The former US vice president instructed him to deliver talks that educate people about climate change and the environment as part of this program.

Stories are a fantastic way to spread important messages about the environment and sustainability, as Khory Hancock has discovered. This telling of stories has taken many different forms, including public speaking, where Hancock has established himself as a well-liked MC and event speaker, influencer content, and, most recently, his first book, Carbon Billionaire, which he is currently writing and which explores how to revive both people and nature. He disseminates information about climate science and the issues Australia and the rest of the world are currently and subsequently facing through public speaking and social media. He wants to alter how people behave.

Some of Hancock's most impactful narratives have been found in his three independently produced documentaries about environmental issues. He has a strong belief in the ability of the stories presented in the movie to effect change.

To tell these stories, he invented a persona he calls "The Environmental Cowboy." He educates people about climate science and the issues Australia and the rest of the world are currently and in the future using humor and entertaining videos. His objective is to influence people to alter their behavior for the better.